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We're off.... nearly 
10th-Oct-2005 10:06 pm
So my last entry was a fortnight ago - well that ain't nothing on how incommunicado I'm about to be. We hit the road a week today, and I think it's incredibly unlikely I'll update again before we get back to the UK in February. It's possible of course - I thought I would stop using email when I went to university, and look how wrong I was then! But I can't see us getting online much, and there may be more urgent matters when that happens.

Even finding time now is difficult. Today is Monday. Thursday I have my OU exam, then ship our belongings home. Friday is my last day at work - I can't guess how much I'm going to cry that day but I cried buckets when I left a job I hated, so leaving a job I quite like may be pretty heartbreaking. Saturday morning someone is picking up all our furniture, Saturday afternoon the carpet cleaners turn up to steam clean the carpets (as is mandatory to our lease). Sunday is our leaving barbecue (pleaseletitbeniceweather). And Monday, we drop of the keys and skip town. We plan to be in Canberra by Tuesday night, to see an old friend from Cambridge, and beyond that our plans are.... drive. See stuff. Learn to dive. Aim to get back to Melbourne in time for our flights to New Zealand on 13 December.

It's deeply, deeply odd to be going on holiday for 4 months. I always thought it was quite normal - so many people our age do it! But now that I'm here, I find it very odd indeed. I can't really believe it's about to happen to me. Not go to work for months and months. Wake up each day in a different place. Become very very familiar with our tent - and our car. Hopefully not become too familiar with the RAC. Become more familiar with Anthony - is that possible? Being together 24/7 for 4 months is a strange thought. Even stranger is that I'm quite looking forward to it - I do quite like him.

It all hit me last weekend. Driving around the wineries in the Yarra valley, life was just perfect - sunshine, gorgeous sunshine, beautiful wine, my favourite person by my side, no place to be, no worries. And I get that for months on end.
10th-Oct-2005 01:06 pm (UTC)
How will we know what's happening to you? Will you send out bulk emails or something? You can't just leave us for four months with no word!
12th-Oct-2005 08:31 am (UTC)
Mmm, I might send out an occasional email, but really I don't see us logging on more than occasionally - we're not really internet cafe types :-/ Dunno. Dunno much at the moment :)
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