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Just me
Well, it's less than three weeks now till the big off. I'm so sad to… 
27th-Sep-2005 06:45 pm
Well, it's less than three weeks now till the big off. I'm so sad to go, but in many ways I just want it over now. I'm sick of mooning about the place thinking of all the great places we haven't got time to go to 'one last time'. I made us an itinerary today with a countdown of all the things we have to do, and there just isn't time to go back to all our favourite haunts. Frescatis, Brunettis, Burger Fusion, that crepe place with the hot chocolates so thick you have to eat them with a spoon, Max Brenner (purveyor of chocolate pizza), all the cake shops in St Kilda so laden with goodies you have to pick at random in the end or you'll drive yourself crazy, wandering along the strip in Carlton and choosing which Italian restaurant you wish to patronise tonight, the cinema with the 'love sack' beanbags, the one where you can take wine in, the studenty Nova with lurid purple walls, the Cheesecake shop, the salad bar, Moustache where they make hot chocolate by melting chocolate bars in hot milk, the gorgeous Mecca Bah in the docklands.... aaaaah, you see the problem. I'll miss the possum which scuttles excitedly around on our roof, miss seeing possums full stop, miss the free newspaper Mx, where people whine and bitch about the wonderful public transport system, miss the jaw-droppingly low prices of our favourite DVD store. I'll miss red champagne, miss vanilla slices, miss Tim Tams, miss smoothies from Tropicana, with their 'secret recipe' South American. Miss hedgehog. Miss endless festivals of food and comedy and science and books rolling one after the other. Miss having a dozen restaurants within 10 minutes walk.

Miss Anthony walking in the door with red licorice, like he just did :)
27th-Sep-2005 11:16 am (UTC)
You can buy tim tams in tescos now. How long are you in NZ for? You did say you are going to NZ?
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